Cremora Tart

Preparation Time 15-20minutes
Cooking Time 0 minutes
Serves 6-10
Ingredients Base:
1 – 2 packs of tennis biscuits

Tart content:
1 x Cup Milk
2 x Cups Cremora
1 tin of Condensed Milk
1 pack of small marshmallows or cut big ones up
½ cup of lemon juice


Keep one tennis biscuit for topping.
Crush the tennis biscuits and line the dish you will make the tart in.

Tart Content:
Mix all the other ingredients together then add ½ cup of lemon juice and mix. Pour this mix over the tennis biscuit base and put in fridge to set.

Crumble one Tennis Biscuit over the top as a topping. Or be inventive and put something else over as a topping…peppermint crisp?