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Bellingham Legacy Johannisberger

Bellingham Johannisberger Legacy

A semi-sweet stein-style white blended wine that has been loved through the generations.

$11.50 Inc. GST
Boschendal Le Bouquet 750ml

Boschendal Le Bouquet 750ml

Bold, up-front pineapple and tropical fruit, with spicy undertones and hints of rose petals.

$13.85 Inc. GST
Drostdy Hof Extra Light

Drostdy Hof Extra Light 750ml

Drostdy-Hof Extra Light white wine is an easy drinking, low alcohol option for the health conscious and those watching their…

$9.99 Inc. GST

Du Toits Kloof Hanepoot Jerepigo 500ml

The Du Toitskloof Hanepoot Jerepigo is a desert wine that can be enjoyed now or within 50years of bottling! TASTING…

$19.95 $17.95 Inc. GST
Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc

Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc 750ml

Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc is a white wine that has grapes that are sourced from seven of the nine Durbanville…

$15.80 Inc. GST
Fleur Du Cap Natural Light 2010 750ml

Fleur Du Cap Natural Light 2010 750ml


$9.95 Inc. GST
Grunberger Spritziger

Grunberger Spritziger 750ml


$13.35 Inc. GST
Joostenberg Fairhead White 750ml

Joostenberg Fairhead White 750ml

Barrel-fermented blend of Chenin Blanc, Viognier and Roussanne.  Flagship white wine.  Organic in conversion.

$21.70 Inc. GST
Joostenberg Family Blend White 750ml

Joostenberg Family Blend White 750ml

Joostenberg Family Blend White wine is un-wooded, crisp and fruity.  Blend of Chenin Blanc (51%), Viognier (39%) and Roussanne (10%).…

$12.75 Inc. GST
Nederburg Sauvingnon Blanc 750ml

Nederburg Sauvingnon Blanc 750ml


$15.00 Inc. GST
Nederburg Special Late Harvest 750ml

Nederburg Special Late Harvest 750ml

Nederburg Winemaster's Reserve Special Late Harvest - This delightful wine is made from grapes picked near the end of the harvest,…

$15.00 Inc. GST

Orange River Hanepoot 750ml

Orange River Cellars Hanepoot - the tastiing notes have billowing muscat aromas. Subtle fruity with a touch of pineapple and…

$18.95 Inc. GST

Pierre Jourdan Ratafia 375ml

Pierre Jourdan Ratafia is a classic, fortified aperitif or digestive which gloriously starts a meal and complements cheese or decadent…

$26.95 Inc. GST