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Nice n spicy Vindaloo

Nice n Spicy Vindaloo

Nice 'n Spicy Vindaloo  is derived from the Portuguese for vinegar and garlic - this is a hot Goan curry…

$3.75 Inc. GST
Nice n spicy Nasi Goreng

Nice n Spicy Nasi Goreng Sachet

Nice 'n Spicy Nasi Goreng is a variation of an Indonesian fried rice dish from traditional Hollandse Rijsttafel cuisine.  Enough…

$3.75 Inc. GST
Nice n Spicy Chilli Con Carne

Nice n Spicy Chilli Con Carne Sachet

Nice 'n Spicy Chilli Con Carne sachet - a milder version of a fiery Mexican dish of beans and ground…

$3.75 Inc. GST
Nice n spicy Roasted Vegetable Curry

Nice n Spicy Roasted Vegetable Curry Sachet

Nice 'n Spicy Roasted Vegetable Curry.  Enough for 4 - 6 servings with all spices and cooking instructions.

$3.75 Inc. GST
Smart Spice Shake Me Steak & Chops

Smart Spice Steak & Chops 152g

Smart Spice Steak & Chops - now includes himalayan pink salt.  Has no added MSG, Preservatives or Colourants.  This great…

$3.50 Inc. GST
Smart spice Shake Me Chicken BBQ

Smart Spice Chicken BBQ 165g

Smart Spice Chicken BBQ - now with himalayan pink salt in a handy shaker.  Does not contain MSG, Preservatives or…

$3.50 Inc. GST
Smart Spice Shake Me Braai Salt

Smart Spice Braai Salt 200ml

Smart Spice Braai Salt -

$3.50 Inc. GST
Ina paarman chicken spice

Ina Paarman Spice Chicken 200ml

Ina Paarman Chicken Spice in a handy 200ml bottle to improve the flavour of any chicken dish.

$6.30 Inc. GST
Popcorn Delights Salt

Popcorn Delight – Salt & Vinegar 108g

Popcorn Delight - salt & vinegar flavour -108g

$2.75 Inc. GST
Popcorn Delights original butter

Popcorn Delight – Original Butter 91g

Popcorn Delight - original butter flavour - 91g

$2.75 Inc. GST
Rub Asian Stirfry

Rub Asian Stirfry 100g

Cape Herb & Spice Asian Stirfry Rub is a fragrant mixture of traditional Asian spices including sesame seeds, ginger, coriander…

$3.95 Inc. GST
Cape Herb Himalayan Pink Salt shaker

Cape Herb Shaker Himalayan Pink Salt 435g

The Cape Herb & Spice himalayan pink salt shaker is a must for every kitchen.  

$5.95 Inc. GST
Aniseed Whole 100g

Aniseed Whole 100g

Star Aniseed Whole 100g

$2.50 Inc. GST
Cape herb lemon pepper

Cape Herb Shaker Lemon Pepper 290g

The Cape Herb Lemon and Pepper seasoning will add a piquant lemon and peppery flavour to meat, poultry, fish, stir…

$5.95 Inc. GST
Flippen Lekka Worcester Sauce spice

Flippen Lekka Tasty Worcester Sauce Spice 200ml

Flippen Lekka tasty worcester sauce spice is a blend of herbs and spices with a distinct worcester sauce flavour.  Suitable…

$6.40 Inc. GST

Flippen Lekka Multi Purpose Hot & Spicy 200ml

Flippen Lekka multi purpose spice - hot and spicy.  A blend of salt, herbs and spices suitable for use on…

$6.40 Inc. GST

Flippen Lekka Multi Purpose Original 200ml

Flippen Lekka Multi Purpose Original spice is a blend of salt, herbs and spices.  Suitable for use on all types…

$6.40 Inc. GST
IP Pasta spice

Ina Paarman Spice Pasta 220ml

$6.30 Inc. GST
IP Masala

Ina Paarman Spice Masala 220ml

$6.30 Inc. GST
Rob black pepper grinder

Robertsons Pepper Grinder 100ml

$3.95 Inc. GST