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Froggit pomegranite

Froggit Pomegranate Salad Splash 125ml

The Froggit Pomegranate Salad Splash is the flagship of the fleet, this rich tasting dressing is packed with flavour, use…

$8.15 Inc. GST
Carbsmart sweet-chilli-sauce

Banting Carbsmart Sweet Chilli Sauce 375ml

Banting friendly Carbsmart Sweet Chilli Sauce - no added sugar, artificial sweetener free, wheat & corn starch free, colourant free…

$10.20 Inc. GST
Ukuva Peri-Peri

Ukuva Peri Peri Mombasa Sauce 125ml

Ukuva peri peri mombasa sauce for that extra bit of heat in a handy 125ml bottle.  This is a medium…

$6.75 Inc. GST

Ukuva Swazi Mama Mamba Sauce 125ml

$6.75 Inc. GST
Spur new peri-peri sauce

Spur Sauce Peri-Peri 500ml

The NEW Spur peri-peri sauce is delicious on chicken drumsticks or with potato wedges.

$7.05 Inc. GST
Tuna marine calamata type olives

Calamata Olives 400g

Tuna Marine calamata type olives in vinegar and oil for the connoisseur

$8.10 Inc. GST
Ukuva Zulu Fire

Ukuva Zulu Fire Sauce 125ml

$6.75 Inc. GST
Mrs Balls Jalapeno

Mrs Balls Chutney Jalapeno 470g

Mrs. Balls NEW Jalapeno Chutney

$5.35 Inc. GST
Mrs Balls chakalaka

Mrs Balls Chutney Chakalaka Flavoured 470g

Mrs. Balls NEW Chakalaka flavoured Chutney - a crossover between two South African favourites - chakalaka and Mrs Ball's chutney!

$5.35 Inc. GST
Froggit whiskey marmalade

Froggit Whiskey Marmalade 260g

Froggit WHISKEY MARMALADE is great with various cold meats. It's a must with duck and game. Add it to a…

$11.15 Inc. GST
Mrs Balls Hot 1.1kg

Mrs Balls Chutney Hot 1-1kg


$13.95 Inc. GST
C & W Garlic & Herb mayo

Crosse and Blackwell Garlic and Herb Mayonnaise 500ml

Crosse and Blackwell Garlic and Herb Mayonnaise.

$5.70 Inc. GST
Wellington Sweet Chilli Sauce

Wellington Sweet Chilli Sauce 375ml


$4.00 Inc. GST
Wellington Chutney Chilli

Wellington Chutney Hot


$5.95 Inc. GST
Spur French Fry & Salad Dressing 500ml

Spur Sauce French Fry and Salad Dressing 500ml

$7.85 Inc. GST
Pakco Atcher Mango Pickle 410g

Pakco Atchar Mango Pickle 410g


$6.10 Inc. GST
Pakco Atchar Mixed Vegetable Pickle 385g

Pakco Atchar Mixed Vegetable Pickle 385g


$6.10 Inc. GST
Pakco Atchar Lime Pickle 430g

Pakco Atchar Lime Pickle 430g


$6.10 Inc. GST
Pakco Atchar Hot Atchar 385g

Pakco Atchar Hot 385g

Pakco Hot Atchar 385g

$6.10 Inc. GST
Pakco Atchar Curried Chillies 350g

Pakco Atchar Curried Chillies 350g


$6.10 Inc. GST